It began on a hot Saturday morning in Delray, a day so hot that the thought of going to the beach was nonexistent. None the less, I found myself dragging the beach bag, the umbrella, the chairs, oh and the two toddlers, to their favorite sandy spot. As I made my way to the corner of A1A and Atlantic, I noticed something out of the corner of my eye, something tall and green that I had not seen before. It was in the distance, beyond the courtyard, where all the beautiful weddings are held. It looked like a collection of greens and flowers, maybe left over from the wedding the evening before, I thought. So, as most moms do, I persuaded my kids that there was something special up there, waiting for us that we HAD to see. That statement changed the way I, we, would approach our farm to fork eatery in Delray Beach.

That morning,  the bond of entrepreneurship, friendship, and gratitude for our selves and others, surfaced. LA Urban Farms was formed by a group of individuals who are passionate about sustainability, the health of people and our planet, and local, organic, nutrient-dense, delicious food. They aim to inspire people to grow their own food, and to empower them to look at the world with new eyes and see the untapped potential in all of the unused spaces around them.

Purgreens, is on it’s way to becoming the first fully sustainable restaurant in Delray Beach, to offer 100% Organic, Non GMO offerings to our customers from our very own grow towers, while ensuring our community participates every step of the way. We are discussing partnerships with local schools, the Boys and Girls Club and other organizations that will have the opportunity to “Grow Up!” alongside our team.  This is just the beginning of our journey and we are so happy to be on it with you!

Stay tuned to see pictures of our commercial farm installation and 1st seedling planting!